Deep wounds classic debuff

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Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Register Login. Warrior It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you will only die tired. Log in to post. I've been waiting for these man. I think I watched 3 of them so far? Maybe 2.

But every week I've been waiting for the rest to come out. No one has replied. This has been a huge part of learning the game for me. I didn't follow a lot as I'm lazy and haven't tried hamstring kiting yet I'm afraid of running into more dudes and the first chance I got I blew all my silver I had to get shoulder pads but the fact that there was some kind of outline of whats to come and things to work towards has been instrumental in keeping me motivated.

I still haven't hit 60 but in my first play during launch I think I barely made it to 20 and gave up. Thanks for this. H What should be your single-targeted rotation with the Slam build? Specifically, I'm not sure how to prioritize Slam or Bloodthirst, since I usually only generate enough rage to attack with one or the other per auto-attack. H Ah, cool. I just need a guideline for now, nothing extraordinarily hardcore, for now. Where can I find that Discord?

I'm relatively new here and on Discord, so I don't know how everything quite works, yet. V Great comprehensive guide, it has been a big help for me to understand some talent choices. RIP bloodcraze, about which I always felt that any healing was good healing. Also, for the Horde side I noticed when you are instructed to train while in Thunder Bluff it has the trainer from Orgrimmar listed and his coords. So you are told to go to Elder Rise instead of Hunter Rise.

Orc or Human is likely the way to go if you think about absolute efficiency. But I rolled a dwarf because I love dwarves.

Sure it resets your swing timer, but we've got swing timer addons to time that correctly now. And its half the rage of Mortal Strike but still does similar damage. It is still weapon damage plus some static, where the only drawback is that the static damage is about half of MS. But its also half the rage. Pretty sure Slam triggers Flurry if it crits but does it use up a charge? Like, if Arms is assumed to have the rage to MS on cooldown, then Fury could Slam after every auto-attack.

If Slam does trigger Flurry, you would need a lot less crit to keep it active since you are nearly doubling your opportunities to get a crit. C Blood Craze and Enrage aren't that good at all in my opinion, unless you are doing lots of pvp I suppose.

Don't really get critted consistently while leveling. Hi Skarm, i was wondering what you level as in classic? I want to tank the dungeons as i level up, and i don't want to gimp myself.Lost in Sauce Create Account Login. Login Lost in Sauce. Lost in Sauce for all your sauce related needs. Fetching voice server status Eggs Benedict Recipe aka how to get Debussy. Page 1. High Priority: 1. Sunder Armor 2. Curse of Shadows 3.

Curse of Elements 4. Curse of Recklessness 5. Demo Shout 6.

deep wounds classic debuff

Faerie Fire 7. Thunderfury Medium Priority: 8. Ignite Shadow Weaving Annihilator Nightfall Imp Shadowbolt This leaves us 2 spots open for debuffs when thunderfury isn't in the raidwhich are generally taken by Deep Wounds and Fireballs trash debuffs, lowest priority According to the information I've found, debuffs will only replace a debuff of equal or lower priority, starting with the lowest priority first.

Lately, we have been using things such as Gift of Arthas, Crystal Yield, Rake, Rupture, Mind Flay, Shadowburn and possibly a few others which will begin to remove medium priority debuffs such as Ignite.

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Assuming we do everything correctly, not only should we never have a problem with the important debuffs getting clipped off, there should be room for warlocks to spec for Nightfall and use Corruption.

Please feel free to criticize this list and let's see if we can work out what are the best possible debuffs to use in our raids. Keep an eye out for undesirable debuffs.

I'll ask tanks to stop using gift of Arthas, it is actually pretty crappy and unnecessary.June Now make way for the token warlock to put curse of elements up for the ice mages. And that was it. No priority, no nothing. Serpent Sting could wipe sunder armor off the boss. There was much complaining and so blizzard listened. And upped it to 16 debuff slots.

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With no priority. Much, much, much later I think around 1. The problem here is that like, almost every DPS role wanted to use debuffs and DoTs in order to deal damage. Flame shock, serpent sting, rupture, corruption, deep wounds, improved fireball, bite. Each one of those is a different debuff for a different class and is involved with getting that class the highest damage returns. Now imagine you have to pick exactly 16 debuffs to use on a boss and you have 3 warlocks who would like to actually play their class and do damage.

deep wounds classic debuff

Oh shit the token druid used moonfire. Caedwyr Registered User regular. Classic is 1. Jasconius sword criminal mad online Registered User regular. June edited June I'm pretty sure that they fixed debuffs by the time the mage talent revamp happened, and the mage talent revamp was before 1. Jasconius on June Thawmus Registered User regular.

Registered User regular. I'm pretty sure it was gone by Wrath. Element Brian on June It says a lot about the dumbfuck blizzard WoW design philosophy at the time that they made Debuffs both absolutely critical for dealing max damage and capped at less than half your raid size when it was optimized for vanilla.

It doesn't really matter what the reason for the cap was. So if you see a problem that says "You can only have 8 debuffs on this here moop" you don't respond to it by saying "Guess every person in the 40 man raid needs to use a debuff or two. Bizazedo Registered User regular. Imagine designing the classes first, feeling good about it, and then doing raid encounters last You can't fix the classes at that point and it's a system constraint.

Well, at least it's only raids and there's 40 of them with no damage meters! They'll be fine.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 10 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Lets Talk About Debuffs. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.

Classic Vanilla WoW PROTECTION Warrior Deep-Dive with Skarm - Classic WoW Prot Warrior Guide

Lets Talk About Debuffs Which debuffs are the most important in raid? Not every boss fight is exactly the same. With that in mind let's get started. From day one in classic wow we are aloud 16 debuffs on any one target, and past that they start kicking off other older debuffs in some order we can get into that later, apparently how they were chosen changed over the course of vanilla.

I mostly got the following proposed list This Reddit Thread. Clearly the above list has much room for improvement. Who cares about debuffs that improve raid dps when the tank is dying, or the limiting factor is the tanks threat generation.

If a tank has a thunderfury, I assume you would let him use it, and thus let it take over a debuff slot.

deep wounds classic debuff

Things you should pretty much never see up on the boss: rend, Serpent sting, curse of agony, rupture, garrote, some kind of rogue poison, moonfire, and quite a few others. If you see a mage spamming detect magic, you have a troll in your raid.

It is my understanding that some debuffs like deep wounds are very easily knocked off. And it is constantly overwritten by whichever warrior got the latest crit, with the tank included if they went for impale.

Or maybe it just keeps refreshing the very first crit that occured. More importantly I think that ignite falls into this category as well, and this is quite unfortunate because ignite is very very important, if your mages are all fire.I dont mean this as crapping on warriors, but I think deep wound bleed dot doesnt stack each warrior applies one. Unknown Classic Apply Login. Login Unknown Classic. Unknown Classic. We are looking to recruit the following.

Closed Druid. Closed Hunter. Closed Mage. Open Priest. Closed Rogue. Open Shaman. High Warlock. Closed Warrior. Page 1. Hello, as we had some discussions about debuffs on bosses, here a quick tutorial for it: Any mob in WoW can have up to 16 Debuffs on them. Debuffs have different "priorities", in general they can be divided in 4 groups: HighestHighmedium and low priority.

The idea is that low priority debuffs can t push high or medium priority ones off a mob. Since we want to optimize these debuff spots, here is the list of the Debuffs we should have on the boss: 1. Curse of Shadow 2.

[Phase 1] Fury Warrior End Game Starter Guide (Specs and Pre-BiS)

Curse of the Elements 3. Curse of Recklessness 4.

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Sunder Armor 5. Faerie Fire 6. Annihilator 7. Nightfall 8.The latter two were implemented with Patch 1. Status Effects indicate a state which is affecting the player. What kind of state can be seen in the lower right part of the screen. The icon's colour will reflect whether it is a buff or a debuff.

Tiered Status Effects have Chevrons on the icon. There are currently just two Status Effects that have this: Bloodlust and Madness. The Proficiency System helps the player know how different gameplay elements e. The intensity levels are indicated by the number of chevrons on the icon. One chevron indicates the weakest form of an effect, and three chevrons indicate the strongest form.

Those chevrons are accumulative with other gameplay elements affecting your performance. This currently applies to the following:. If a Perk or an Add-on affected the Player, it would show that Unlockable's icon displayed on top of either a turquoise buff or a red de-buff background see belowindicating to the Player that they were either positively or negatively affected by said Unlockable. What effect the Unlockable had on the Player could not be conveyed by that system and relied on the Players recognising the Unlockable by its icon and remembering its effects.

This system was deemed to not be very user-friendly for newcomers or inexperienced Players, and even seasoned Players had trouble recognising and remembering all icons and effects. It has since been partially replaced by the Status HUD System, which uses the Status Effect and Proficiency Indicator icons alongside a coloured-progress bar to indicate an Unlockable's effect.

The old system is still in use for Perks and Add-ons that have effects that do not use either of the new indicator systems i.

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We'll Make It indicating to the rescued Survivor that their rescuer has the Perk equipped. Sign In. From Dead by Daylight Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : Game Mechanic. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 12 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.

Support Contact PRO. The Survivor's Aura-reading abilities are impaired. Disables Aura of Survivors on a Hook. Disables Aura of Survivors in Dying State. See Auras for further details. The Killer's Movement speed is enhanced.

Maintaining a chase for 15 consecutive seconds will increase Bloodlust by one Tier up to a maximum of 3 Tiers every further 15 seconds. The Survivor is broken and cannot be healed back to the Healthy State.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 10 hours ago.

Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: 12 debuff slot limit - which debuffs get pushed off first? I would like to understand the 16 debuff slot system a bit better. In which way will the debuffs be pushed off from the debuff table of the mob? Is there a clear priority pattern?

Does the last applied stick or can the first applied not be overwritten? If you have any sources who tested this, please let us know in the comments. Edit: The answer of user Drusin down below shows the system of 5 priorizations. Scroll down to see an answer to the original question. Last edited by mmoc9ea6da; at AM. Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Orkhan. I would like to understand the 12 debuff slot system a bit better. Last edited by Armourboy; at AM.

Last edited by Drusin; at AM.


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